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Retrospective Introspective [userpic]
Issue #1 Planning!
by Retrospective Introspective (ciri)
at July 17th, 2006 (10:51 pm)

These are the articles/columns I would like to see in our first issue!
If you would like to claim one, let me know. Currently only the Jan. Gear column is claimed. Also, if you have an idea for another article you'd like to do please query me. Keep in mind that not everything should be how-to!

The first issue will be released January 1st. Articles should be geared toward the spring season or not be categorized (that is, don't send in an article about Valentine's Day travel and expect it to be in this issue :)) The main reason for season-ahead issues is that travel takes time to plan, usually. Article drafts are due two months before the issue is released. This means for the Jan. issue you will need to turn in your articles by November 1st. There are a few reasons for this, which I will outline later. I will also go through our expectations/guidelines for each article/column later on.

Travel 101: (basic travel info) Applying for a Passport - Brandie
Eat: (looking for some kind of recipe and food history)
Reviews: (books, documentaries, tv shows, etc. just has to be travel-related)
Gear: (new gadgets, best hiking shoes, etc) Packing the Right Camera - Megan
On the Road: (travel essays)
Spotlight On: (small blurb, photos + captions about one town, anywhere)- Brandie
Our Favorite Things: (small blurb on any random thing - travel item, book to bring, restaurant, museum, etc.)

Standing on the Metro - How to Get Around
Jet Lag
Spring Break: Top 5 unique destinations
Bath, England - Brandie

Our theme for Issue #2 (April) will be festivals. This includes music, art, Renn, food, etc.